In just one week, see the massive transformation of salle, the street girl who went viral for singing (video)

Salle, a 17-year-old Nigerian girl who rose to stardom when a video of her singing on the street went viral, has been chastised for her “indiscent attire,” according to critics.

Salle had previewed her debut song with a video from her photoshoot with her assistants and released it on social media when a gentleman made his remark.

Salle’s attire, he claims, resembles that of “Ashawos.”

His remark is as follows:

Naija finally turned Street girl to “Ashawo” dressing instead of just helping her music career. what sort of bad dressing is this..a normal fashion would’ve been suitable. Same happened to a young celeb in Ghana and she preg and her career stumbled.. God protect this talent for Africa

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