“I’m waiting to attend your funeral” – Leaked audio of Nana Yaa Appiah’s ex-husband after his daughter asked him for money for hospital

– Introduction of the incident surrounding the murder of Nana Yaa Appiah’s daughter, Nana Adomah.
– Mention of Nana Yaa Appiah’s ex-husband being charged in connection with the death.
– Explanation of the strained connection after Nana Adomah relocated to Accra to live with her mother.
– Alleged refusal of the ex-husband to accept responsibility for his daughter.

– Nana Adomah’s request for money from her father to go to the hospital when she fell ill.
– Her father’s refusal and the cruel statement he made regarding her potential death.
– Lack of financial resources from Adomah’s grandmother, who she was residing with at the time.

– Nana Yaa Appiah’s absence and Adomah’s worsening condition.
– Nana Yaa Appiah’s discovery of her daughter’s illness and her efforts to take her to the hospital.
– Tragic demise of Nana Adomah due to Malaria+ and Anaemia.

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Heartbreaking Tale of Neglect: Kumawood Star’s Daughter Denied Help, Tragically Dies

In a shocking turn of events, a new story has emerged on social media regarding the tragic incident surrounding the murder of Nana Yaa Appiah’s daughter, Nana Adomah. The father of the young girl, who happens to be Nana Yaa Appiah’s ex-husband, has now been charged in connection with her untimely death.

It is revealed that a strained connection existed between Nana Yaa Appiah’s ex-husband and their daughter ever since she relocated to Accra to live with her mother. As if that wasn’t enough, the heart-wrenching details suggest that the ex-husband had refused to take responsibility for his own flesh and blood.

According to recent updates, Nana Adomah, in her moment of desperation, reached out to her father for financial assistance when she fell ill. However, her pleas were met with cold-hearted rejection. Shockingly, he heartlessly informed her that if she were to meet her demise, he would simply adorn his cloth and attend her funeral. Such callousness is beyond comprehension.

Adding to the tragedy, Nana Adomah was residing with her grandmother at the time, who unfortunately did not possess the means to transport her to the hospital. The lack of financial resources further exacerbated the dire situation, leaving the young girl’s life hanging by a thread.

Regrettably, by the time Nana Yaa Appiah arrived, the damage had already been done. Her daughter’s condition had worsened considerably, and the chances of recovery were slim. In a previous interview, Nana Yaa Appiah revealed that her daughter had concealed her illness from her for several days, only to be forced to the hospital when matters took a turn for the worse.

Sadly, Nana Adomah lost the battle against Malaria+ and Anaemia, leaving behind a grieving mother and a community in shock. The heartbreak caused by the neglect and disregard shown by her own father is unimaginable.

In conclusion, this heartbreaking incident serves as a painful reminder of the importance of family support and compassion. No child should ever have to endure such neglect, especially from those who are meant to protect and care for them. Let this tragedy be a catalyst for change, urging society to prioritize the welfare and well-being of our children above all else.

Listen to the audio below;


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