I’m too handsome to date Kim Maureen – Ebony’s father, Starboy Kwarteng claims

Starboy Kwarteng and his signee Kim Maureen are back in the news, this time over allegations that the two are in a relationship.

In an exclusive interview with Michael Agyapong Agyapa on Rdio 1, he was questioned about his alleged sexual relationship with Kim Maureen, which surfaced on social media months ago.

In response to the allegation, he stated that he is too attractive to be in a relationship with his artiste.

Kim Maureen, he claims, is too young to be his daughter, and he would never begin or maintain a relationship with his own daughter.

He stated:how could one say that just look at me good looking man like me dating my own artiste? Come on”

“Kim Maureen is too young to be my own daughter, and wouldn’t dare date, my daughter, I’m not those people”

When asked about Kim Maureen’s current relationship with his label, he stated unequivocally that they are still settling their differences and that she will not be recording any new songs under the Bony to the World label until that is done.