I'm Hungry But I Can't Eat - Ghanaian Lady Cries After Piercing Her Tongue (Video)

I’m Hungry But I Can’t Eat – Ghanaian Lady Cries After Piercing Her Tongue (Video)

A young and beautiful Ghanaian lady, probably between the ages of 20 and 30 years old, has recorded herself on camera telling her followers how she regrets having her tongue pierced.

If you look closely at the video, you can see that this lady has pierced the middle of her tongue. As a result, she is unable to speak clearly in the video.

She stated in the video that what concerns her the most is that she is hungry but unable to eat due to the pain in her tongue.

According to her, some friends persuaded her to get her tongue pierced, but they failed to warn her that there would come a time when she would be in pain, as she is now.

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This is what the lady said in typical Twi dialect, “Because of the tongue piercing, I can no longer eat or speak properly. It’s painful not knowing about this piercing, and they didn’t explain it well to me. Nobody forced me to do it, but I am now suffering as a result. I’m starving right now, but I can’t eat “.

After seeing this video, some Ghanaians began laughing uncontrollably. They claimed that some of the women who normally do this are under the influence of their colleagues, who do not adequately explain the side effects to them.