"If Your Husband Does Not Help You In Cleaning And Cooking, You Don't Have A Husband" -Blessing CEO

“If Your Husband Does Not Help You In Cleaning And Cooking, You Don’t Have A Husband” -Blessing CEO

Blessing CEO, who is well-known in Nigeria as an expert on relationships as well as mental health, has posted a new video on Instagram in which she discusses the characteristics of a true husband.

The relationship coach went to the trouble of elaborating on a number of tasks that men ought to help their wives with and stated that if a man falls short in any of these areas, it demonstrates that he is not a man but rather a child. 

She stated that if a man does not assist in cleaning the house or caring for the children, he should not be considered a husband but rather another child in the house.

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She also made it very clear that a man who doesn’t help his wife in the kitchen or with shopping doesn’t deserve to be called a husband.

“If your husband doesn’t assist you in cleaning the house, cooking, shopping, and taking care of the kids, my dear, you do not have a husband but another baby of the house,” she said.

watch the video below: