“If your girlfriend sleeps with another man because of money, it is not cheating”- Shatta Bandle

Men should not be enraged when their partners cheat on them, according to the Ghanaian socialite, but rather see it as a wake-up call.

Shatta Bandle took to Instagram yesterday to offer this bit of advice to his fellow brothers on what to do if they find out their lady has cheated on them.

Men should instead divert the energy they would use to retaliate into hustling harder, he suggested, when this happens. In a word, he believes that money is what attracts women.

“If someone chops your girlfriend because of money, it’s not cheating,” he claimed. “It’s a wake-up call. Go and hustle. Voice of Shatta Bandle.”

His advice was met with mixed reaction, with the majority of commenters condemning his statement.

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“A wise man once said ‘you can never satisfy a woman, even if you satisfy a woman, you can’t satisfy a slut!!’” Instagram user ‘hasq2020’ stated.

“Lol ah some got all the cash yet someone will still eat them hihihi .. or that one is called sit up call ah,” ‘desneakertherapist’ said.

Another user ‘keisha_coleee’ added: “Motivating the girls to cheat to wake their bfs up. Tf?”

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