“If you want your man to chop you well, don’t disrespect him” – Dzifa Sweetness tell Ladies

Dzifa Sweetness, a Ghanaian sex instructor, has advised women to never disrespect their partners if they want to have great sex.

During an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor for eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen,’ she stated that a woman’s attitude toward her boyfriend has a significant impact on her sex life.

“There are many things that might arouse a man or a woman for sex, but a lady who is disrespectful will never get a man’s penis to erect, no matter how much gold she wears.” She cautioned, “You can look your best, use cosmetics, wear attractive or costly clothes, and even extend your legs wide in his bed, but he will never have an erection for you.”

According to the sex coach, when a woman is humble, she doesn’t have to work too hard to get her guy aroused for sex, and when a man is humble and understands how to talk to a lady, he doesn’t have to worry about finding a good woman to have sex with.

“Attitude refers to how you relate to your man, not how you look or what scent you wear. It won’t turn him on if you wear sexy clothes and wear the most costly perfumes while lying on his bed with a frown on your face. She suggested, “Know how to handle your man.”

“It has nothing to do with creating his favorite meal. “Your attitude should be desirable all of the time, not only when you know he wants to have sex,” the sex counselor advised.


Adinkrah Cyril

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