“If you want to know if people love you for real, become a nobody. ” – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson, who said a few years ago that she had forgotten what it was like to fall in love, has taught us that true love is expressed when you’re a nobody, and we’re perplexed.

Many people may agree with Yvonne Nelson that true love is demonstrated when you are a nobody, but some are intrigued as to what inspired her to say so, given that she has claimed to have forgotten what it is like to fall in love.

Yvonne Nelson also wrote a cryptic post a few weeks ago that she misses falling in love; could this be because she has finally fallen in love with someone who has shown her true love, or did she create this post based on her previous experience?

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We think what Yvonne Nelson is trying to convey to us is that individuals who love you when you have nothing truly love you since it is not reliant on anything they would receive in return.

See the screenshot below;