"If I meet God I will ask him why he k!lled my 2 children"- Rev. Eastwood Anaba

“If I meet God I will ask him why he k!lled my 2 children”- Rev. Eastwood Anaba

According to Rev. Eastwood Anaba of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, he will only asks God one question when they meet.

In a collision on the Tamale-Bolgatanga highway in 2019, the man of God lost his two children as well as four other people, some of whom were family members.

Rev. Eastwood  Anaba is still troubled by this sad incident that occurred on the eve of Easter.

When discussing it, he said:

“I don’t know about you, but God has done things against me paa, and one day when I see him, I will ask him, why do you do this against me? I have things against God.

God sat in heaven, and he didn’t help me, and I lost my two children plus four other children in one day, and the pain almost killed me. God said he is the omnipotent, mighty God, and I was serving God. So if it was a human being that allowed that to happen to me, I would say I cannot forgive, but when it is God, out of hypocrisy, I forgive,” he said.

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“It is a very big blow, we cannot pretend about it, but our faith cannot be shifted during times like this…in times like this, you cannot afford to be weak because it is not in your power to give yourself grace during times like this, some grace comes from somewhere to uphold you, and we have discovered the source of the grace, and we are holding on to the grace…

“They are very good people; if there is any blessing God has ever given to me, it’s my children, and we love them very much…and their spirituality is unquestionable.”