“I would never have attended my husband’s birthday party if I knew…….” – Counsellor Oduro

During Apostle Oduro’s birthday celebrations, he granted an interview to blogger Zion Felix, which has gone viral and has become the talk of the town.

During the interview, Apostle revealed that his wife threatened to divorce him several times during their marriage and that there were numerous misunderstandings between them.

He revealed that his wife was not listening to him and was instead seeking advice from his fellow pastors, which was gradually destroying their marriage.

Many people did not understand the concept Apostle Oduro was attempting to explain shortly after the video aired.

He was referring to the days when they first married, but some Ghanaians mistook it for something else and blamed it on the fact that her wife preaches virtue and practices vice.

Lady Reverend revealed in an interview with Abeiku Santana that it was his husband’s birthday and she had no idea who he had invited.

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She had no idea who was invited, and if she had known blogger Zion Felix would be there, she would not have shown up at all because she dislikes the situation in which you do something and the bloggers take it.

When asked about the interview, she stated that it was during that time that they first married. And with that, she did not request a divorce, but rather packed her belongings and left because of their differences.

She also claimed that many Ghanaians have not watched her older videos because she has stated numerous times that things were not perfect when they first married.

Abeiku Santana called her husband and they talked about everything live on air.

She also stated that when she first saw the interview, she was offended and forwarded it to her husband, asking why he had included her in a birthday interview.

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She stated that if she had known he would have granted such an interview, she would have advised him on what he should say because bloggers are astute enough to understand why they ask every question in order to sell their content.

Her husband used the opportunity to apologize because she said she was hurt, but she said there is no problem between them and everything is fine as they all laughed about it.

Watch the interview: