I Will Release A Gospel Song Only When I am 50 Years – Efia Odo Says In New Video

– Efia Odo’s response to the connection between Gospel songs and her lifestyle
– Efia Odo’s perspective on artists giving glory to God through different genres
– Efia Odo’s future plans for releasing a Gospel song
– Conclusion: Efia Odo’s desire to experience life before singing about the goodness of God

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Despite Her Love for Gospel Songs, Efia Odo is Not Ready to Release One Now

Efia Odo, the Ghanaian socialite who recently launched her music career, has been known for her love for Gospel songs. However, she has expressed that she is not ready to release a Gospel song at the moment. In a recent interview with ZionFelix, Efia opened up about her passion for Gospel music and how it affects her voice when she sings worship songs.

When asked about her decision to not sing Gospel songs, some speculated that it may be due to her lifestyle. However, Efia brushed off this assumption, stating that Gospel music is not limited to songs about God. She emphasized that artists who are not Gospel singers can still give glory to God or sing about Him in their own way.

Although Efia acknowledged the importance of Gospel music, she expressed her desire to experience life and sing about various aspects of it before delving into songs about the goodness of God. She believes that her perspective and understanding of God’s love will deepen with time and life experiences.

Looking toward the future, Efia mentioned that she may consider releasing a Gospel song when she reaches the age of 50. This decision reflects her intention to grow as an artist and gain a deeper understanding of both life and spirituality before directly singing about the goodness of God.

In conclusion, despite her love for Gospel songs, Efia Odo is not yet ready to release one. She wants to explore life, sing about different topics, and gain more wisdom before focusing solely on songs about the goodness of God. Efia’s journey as a musician continues to evolve, and we can expect to see her artistic expression develop in new and exciting ways in the future.

Watch her interview below;


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