“I will organize a Demonstration if the justice is not served in the Ejura killings”- Twene Jonas (video)

Twene Jonas has indicated a desire to organise a demonstration against the killings in Ghana if the culprits of the Ejura Killings are not apprehended and convicted in recent social media rants.

He used terrible language against the country’s political leadership as he aggressively directed them to have the gunmen arrested, as he often did.

Twene Jonas claims to have a lot of power and influence among the youth.

Thus, his presence in Ghana to launch a protest will be too much for the government to handle.

In addition, Twene Jonas has given the government a three-day deadline to uncover the killers or face his wrath…

Twene Jonas’ daring voice and demeanor express how he feels about the overwhelming support he receives from Ghanaians on social media and how he is affecting many minds back home.

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