“I will not be surprised if Kuami Eugene ended up dating or getting married to his housemaid mary”- Delay reveals

A reaction has been given by Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known by his stage name Delay, to the love attraction that exists between Kuami Eugene, an artist signed to Lynx Entertainment, and Mary, who works as his home assistant.

She claims that she has seen a great number of love stories and how they started from the very beginning and that thanks to her “third eye,” she is able to look into the future and reveal information that has not yet been discovered.

She stated that the chemistry and devotion between Kuami Eugene and his housemaid raise eyebrows, and while most people will never know, she believes that their feelings for each other will blossom into something lovely in the near future.

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Delay said that she would not be surprised if Kuami Eugene later married his servant Mary and that she would not be startled by this development either.

This comes after Kuami Eugene flaunted his house aid on several occasions in a variety of posts across his various social media platforms.

They have been spotted out and about together, but the musician hasn’t shown any interest in dating his maid despite the fact that they have been seen together.

If Delay’s forecasts were to come true in the not-too-distant future, the vast majority of Ghanaians would be taken aback; yet, as the proverb goes, “love travels where love is.”