"I will never go back to marry my ex-husband"- Akua GMB

“I will never go back to marry my ex-husband”- Akua GMB

In the midst of rumors suggesting that she is now a sworn adversary of the CEO of Angel group of companies, Akua GMB has taken the opportunity to set the record right over her relationship with Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

During an interview on ADOM FM, Akua GMB stated unequivocally that she does not have any ill will against Dr. Kwaku Oteng, and she is confident that her ex-husband feels the same way.

She went on to say that not only did Dr. Kwaku Oteng pay for her aircraft ticket, but he also paid for the plane tickets of their children when they recently traveled to Germany.

When asked about reconciling with Dr. Kwaku Oteng, Akua GMB unequivocally declared that she had no intention of ever marrying her ex-husband again, regardless of what may occur or what others may say.

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The former queen of beauty went on to add that she is content with her relationship with Dr. Kwaku Oteng at the present time and that she has never given any thought to the possibility of them getting back together.

Even though Akua GMB and Dr. Kwaku Oteng are no longer together, Akua GMB praised Dr. Kwaku Oteng highly, saying that he provides excellent care for their children and for her as well, despite the fact that they are no longer together.

After the interview had come to a close, Akua GMB addressed the rumors that Dr. Kwaku Oteng had hit her cheeks with a series of hard slaps before the couple decided to break their marriage.

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She rejected the outrageous charges and portrayed her ex-husband as a gentleman who would never hit a woman.