'I will never buy a gift for a man again'- pretty Lady reveals reason why

‘I will never buy a gift for a man again’- pretty Lady reveals reason why

In an intriguing post that she shared with internet folk, a Nigerian woman by the name of Kemi divulged the reason why she no longer buys presents for men.

In an effort to drive home the point she was trying to make, Kemi posted on her Twitter account excerpts from conversations she had in the past with two of her ex-boyfriends.

Kemi stated that she returned to one of her exes’ homes at a later time and found that he had turned the t-shirt she had purchased for him into a rag after she had given it to him as a gift.

She also related an incident in which she had presented a different man with a birthday cake, but while she was watching, he shared the delicious treat with his neighbors.

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She claims that the occurrences gave rise to her determination, and that ever since that point, she has resisted giving gifts .

“I stopped buying gifts for men since my two worst experiences. I got a T-shirt for the first one and the next time I visited, it was his rag, I got a birthday cake for the second one and he gave it out to his neighbours in my presence. Ever since then I vowed never to get men gifts.”