"I will marry 10 women if i get the chance"- Ajagurajah

“I will marry 10 women if i get the chance”- Ajagurajah

Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asamoah, also known as Ajagurajah, has stated that he intends to wed ten different ladies when he gets the opportunity to do so. He went on to say that, by nature, he’s a polygamist.

According to Ajagurajah, he was sincere in every statement that he made. He believes that 90 percent of men have the desire to marry more than one woman but won’t admit it because of their hypocrisy.

I mean every word I said. 90% of men want this secretly, hypocrites’

The Ajagurajah Movement is led by Osofo Ajagurajah, who serves as its President. It is well known that he gives members of his church food on a regular basis.

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Bishop Kwabena, despite the fact that he is a kind man, does not show mercy to anyone who crosses his boundaries on social media. He is never shy about hurling insults in the direction of anybody he considers to be deserving of them.

The Ajagurajah movement is a spiritual group in Ghana that primarily caters to individuals who are looking for protection against various forms of spiritual assault.

Bishop Kwabena stated that participation in the movement is not open to anybody and only a select few people who do not wish to discuss their experiences within the movement are allowed to participate.