“I will beat you if I catch you” – Sarkodie’s friend, Firestick threatens Strongman on live video – Watch

Firestick, a former Ghanaian boxer and current fashionista, has threatened rapper Strongman Burner for claiming he had a poor boxing career, which is not a lie.

The former boxer warned the rapper during a Twitter Space chat in which Strongman voiced concern about Firestick making it a habit to always criticize others, especially musicians, for their fashion choices, despite the fact that his own fashion choices aren’t particularly outstanding.

Strongman emphasized that Firestick had a failed boxing career but is now doing well in the fashion industry, so he should tone down his criticism of others because they, too, may be at a low place, just as he was in his boxing career.

“When you tried boxing and it didn’t work for you, we all witnessed it. But we all knew that failure was expected. You’ve now entered the fashion industry. Can’t you see that you’re doing well? So, maybe don’t be too harsh on someone having a bad day. Reduce the rate at which you fire the employee.” Strongman reprimanded Firestick.

On the other hand, Strongman’s comments irritated the former boxer, who lost his composure.

He dared Strongman to say the same things and display the same intensity he does on Twitter when their paths crossed.

“Show me the same amount of energy.” Show me this same energy the next time you meet me. Our paths shall cross one day; show me this same enthusiasm.” Firestick was a threat to Strongman.

The rapper, however, did not take the threat lightly, responding, “What will you do? What can you possibly do? “Foolish boy, you always describe people’s outfits as ‘fake, but you’re upset because you’re being criticized.”

Watch the video below;

Effah Gideon

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