“I went for a Job interview and the Boss told me to come home for a personal interview”- Lady reveals

The country’s unemployment rate is very high; many young people have graduated from their respective universities for years, but they still wander the streets in search of a stable source of income. Some people have been on several job interviews, from one company to the next, without being hired.

Some people think that the environment is harsher on women, especially when it comes to jobs. They believe that a woman will be required to have more than her certificates in order to be hired by a respectable company.

Cecilia Abashi, a Nigerian woman, took to Twitter to share her own experience in the job-hunting process of a typical Nigerian adolescent. Cecilia said that she learned of an open vacancy at an agency and applied for the position of Social Media Manager. She was referred to the organization’s CEO on the day she was scheduled to be interviewed.

she wrote

Short and weird story.

Some weeks ago, someone called me regarding a job as the social media manager of an organization (I shall not name). Interview was 2pm. Got there and I was to see the C. E. O for the interview. We talked and I told him all

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The things people say to “sell themselves” at interviews. Oga said we have to do another interview to be sure.
The next one he called and I went, he took me back again to the first day and it was talk all over again.

I had my nose mask on and as I was

Talking, he stopped me and said “you look beautiful” I smiled and said thanks. He then said “let me see your face” removed my mask and he says “wow, do you know you’re so beautiful?… You have a great body too, do you exercise? ” and I said no,

I said, thank you sir and went on. In my mind I already knew it was a dead end, but was hoping maybe this is different. Then he said, “this interview will take like 4 or more for me to be convinced because you’d be my PA also” see me looking speechless.

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After much talk, he scheduled another interview, but this time at his Guesthouse. I was still being polite and said OK. That was how I went home and cancelled the alleged job. Days later and calls and said I should come and I declined, then he said

I am unreliable and not serious. And the position is still open if I wanted it, I said NO.
Next day, oga still called but I didn’t pick. I was done with that TBH. It was even making me second guess myself.

My point is, it isn’t easy out here on this street. Especially being a woman and seeking for a job. Many men will lie and deceive just to keep having sex. As a woman alone, we have been sexualised even before hearing what we have to say.

God help us

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