“I want to marry a man who can cook and clean the house” -Bridget Otoo

Bridget Otoo, a Ghanaian TV presenter and Metro TV employee, has revealed that she is looking for a man who is willing to cook and clean all day so she can work.

Bridget Otoo revealed on her Twitter page that she doesn’t know how to cook and that she would be willing to give any man a chance if he accepted his proposal of cleaning and cooking 24/7.

She shared the post on social media, saying;

I’m looking for a Ghanaian man, marriageable material who can cook and clean 24/7 to marry.

Many of her fans who wanted to marry here took to the comments section, with some comments:

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@Mr.wemz: Hello Bridget, my mum used to tell me the lady who will marry be will be very lucky. I can cook, clean, feed and take care of our child. Look no further cos I’m here for you

@kenzy: Cook and dream 24 7!!!?? In other words, you are hoping to come across a man who can attain the status of a wife? Hmmm! When you dream, dream big as big as Cosmo’s.