‘ I use the tongue I praise God with to also lick my wife’s Vjay’- Brother Sammy

Samuel Opoku, also known as Brother Sammy, a self-proclaimed country worshipper, has unveiled the secret behind his ten-year marriage.

The best singer recounted how he performed the magic to save his marriage from failing in an exclusive interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani of Kofi TV, which was monitored by bestshowbiz.com.

According to him, he came closer to his wife after their honeymoon to make love to her, but after several tries, she was still not turned on, so he started to wonder why.

However, when he approached her to ask why he wasn’t seeing any signs that she was having fun, she confidently told him that the only way to turn her on is to lick her honey pot.

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Despite the fact that he had never done so before, the best singer said that he defied all odds and licked his wife because if he hadn’t, his wife would have gone out and found another man who would fulfill her heart’s desires.

Even though he praises God with his tongue, Brother Sammy advised that marriage is a physical relationship, and if he is required to lick his wife, he will do so with great caution in order to make her happy.

He came to the conclusion that the majority of his artist colleagues are leaving their relationships and they do everything spiritual, including lovemaking.

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