“I thought he was an old man, but he chopped me hard; my vjay is hot like pepper”- lady cries (video)

Lady screams out on social media after having a bedro0m encounter with a sugar daddy, which is hilarious.

As we speak, one adorable girl is in tears and experiencing a scorching feeling around her vajayjay following a bedroom encounter with her sugar daddy.

In the fine lady’s voice, she had the worst regret of her life when she decided to offer her sugar daddy the opportunity to chop her since she had been wasting the man’s money for about a year.

The lady, on the other hand, had to lament the day she was born, given how the man chopped her viciously as if tomorrow would never arrive.

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The woman revealed that her vajayjay is still on fire, owing to how the old man sliced her.

View the video below.