“I started dating married men when I was 13 years old”- Lady reveals

Efua Baawuah, aka Cece Bentil, a beautician, has disclosed that she began dating married guys when she was thirteen years old.

Efua explained to DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that it all began when she was a tiny girl and she began learning how to make herself up and dress lavishly.

Although she began dating at a young age, the woman who now owns Cece Beauty Organic Cosmetics stated that she had only dated a total of ten guys.

Cece Bentil, when asked why young women choose to date guys who have already married their wives, stated that it is primarily due to the financial benefits.

“Although I am a fully established young woman in his thirties, I was recently duped, which is why parts of my shop are empty,” she says. Why would I not take advantage of the opportunity to make some money and stock my store?”

Nonetheless, the lady counseled other young ladies not to rely only on men for their needs, but to work hard and make ends meet.

Below is a link to the complete video:

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