"I speak dangerous things more than you but I am wise so no one hates me"- Avram advises Bongo ideas (video)

“I speak dangerous things more than you but I am wise so no one hates me”- Avram advises Bongo ideas (video)

Bongo Ideas has received advice from Avram Moshe regarding his online behavior.

Avram Moshe, the head of the Common Sense Family, has given Bongo Ideas advice regarding his online behavior.

Avram Moshe claims that despite the fact that what he does is riskier than the topics Bongo Ideas typically tweets about, he does it intelligently.

The atheist claimed that despite exposing the shortcomings of Christianity and Islam, two of the world’s largest religions, he receives no criticism for his methods.

He gave him advice to stop online bullying and to conduct his criticism intelligently so he wouldn’t always have to hurt people.

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He advised Bongo Ideas, among other things, to be careful with his timing and know when to criticize in light of the fact that he blamed Davido for the death of his own son while the musician and his family were in mourning.

Even though Davido may be convinced that his carelessness led to the death of his son, according to Avram Moshe, Bongo Ideas should have waited until Davido had recovered from his grief before he wisely suggested that celebrities spend more time alone with their kids.

Another piece of advice is to avoid stepping on toes because, unlike Asamoah Gyan, who would come out in the open to warn him, other people can hurt him covertly.

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