“I paid my girlfriend a surprise visit in December only to find her pregnant for another man”- young man cries

A young man revealed a heartbreaking experience that will always be rekindled every time December arrives.

Alfred, a Kenyan guy, told Tuko about his failed attempt to surprise his partner for Christmas and how she was left speechless.

His partner was pregnant for someone else when he traveled from Nairobi to Kakamega in December 2020 to surprise her.

The young man said that he was fascinated with the lady and used to lavish her with presents and money during their relationship.

According to Alfred, he enjoyed some intimate moments with her a few months prior to paying her a visit and was taken aback when he discovered she was heavily pregnant.

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“I met Mary (not her real name) from western somewhere in Kisumu and we dated for almost a year. Traveling all the way from Nairobi only to find her pregnant. We last had intercourse eight months before meeting again, but we used contraceptive,” he recalled.

After she apologized, the guy stated he was heartbroken and intended to end their relationship, but she insisted that he help the child.

His daughter is now one year and a half and he has taken on the role of father to her, despite not being her real father.

“She apologized but because she was an orphan I promised to support her throughout till she deliver up to now,” he said.