“I once went to see this guy, we had a conversation, he offered me cornflakes, and then this happened” – Lady

People notice a lot of things, yet only a small percentage of them are taken into account. While some people felt it was uncommon, others regarded it as a common event.

On Twitter, a lady described what happened after she paid a visit to a man. She described her contact with him and how the unexpected happened.

She claims that once she went to visit a guy and the two of them spoke, giggled, and laughed as a consequence of their interaction. The man then brought her a bowl of cornflakes, which she graciously accepted and ate.

Something unexpected happened to her after she finished her cornflakes. The lady poured water into the dish she was using and then drank it.

Someone who doesn’t perceive anything wrong with what you’re doing will just ignore it as if it were a routine occurrence.

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Contrary to what she assumed, it was not a common event for the gentleman, prompting him to answer in the manner recounted by the lady, with the look on his face telling it all.

Following that, the gentleman directed her to return home with the dish, causing her to keep mute until she had left his home.

When my friend and I went out to dine, he brought me cornflakes. I concluded my dinner by pouring water onto a dish and mixing it before drinking it.

The look on his face was priceless. He then told me that I could take the food wherever I pleased. I remained silent until I was about to leave his house with the tray.”

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Following her tweet, a considerable number of people flocked to her comments area to voice their concerns and relate their own similar experiences to those she detailed.

here is the tweet and some of the comments.