‘I now understand why Jonas has been insulting our leaders’-former Kotoko coach, shares his thoughts on his first trip to USA.

Isaac ‘Opeele’ Boateng, a former Kumasi Asante Kotoko manager, recently returned from a vacation to the United States, where he claimed to have had a “heaven on earth” experience in Philadelphia.

According to the former manager, what he saw in the City gave him a good understanding of why Twene Jonas and Kevin Taylor keep thrashing our leaders with vulgar language.

Taking to Twitter, Opeeleshared a video of individuals ice skating while background music played loudly in the distance and he said; “This is where I enjoyed myself today. I now understand why Kevin Taylor, Twene Jonas, and co insult our leaders to wake up”

“This is Philadelphia City Hall and just check the beauty of Heaven on Earth. I wept for Ghana and you get home to hear MP’s are fighting. Ghana is sick.”