"I needed to drop some dead wood people in other to progress in life"- Delay shades Afia Schwarzenegger

“I needed to drop some dead wood people in other to progress in life”- Delay shades Afia Schwarzenegger

Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as “Delay,” has explained why she and several of her former friends fell out.

The TV show host says that as you become a badass business woman, you will outgrow some of your friends.

Simply said, as you get older, your preferences and tastes in many areas change, and you may find it harder to maintain friendships with some people.

Furthermore, Mrs. Frimpong Manso believes that carrying a weight on your ascent to the summit is pointless.

In other words, friends who you no longer connect with at a certain period of your life become a dead weight. They must be thrown away or else your progress will be impeded.

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To put things in perspective, Tonardo and Afia Schwar have lost their significance in Delay’s life. She decided to cut ties with them because they were now a burden that could prevent her from moving forward.

A disagreement caused the friendship of Afia Schwar, Tornado, and Delay to terminate.