"I nearly slept with a man because I wanted an iPhone"- Young girl reveals (watch video)

“I nearly slept with a man because I wanted an iPhone”- Young girl reveals (watch video)

A young girl explains in a video that has gone viral on the internet how she planned to exploit an iPhone from a guy who proposed to her.

The lady was seen in the video explaining how she went out with her friends one day when they met a guy who told her that he loved her. She responded that she needed an iPhone since, among her friends, she was the only person without one.

After a few days had passed, the guy called her to tell her that he had bought the iPhone. She told him that he should meet her and deliver it to her, but he replied in their native language, “Bra fie b3 Gye,” which indicates that she should come home and receive it or else she will not get it at all.

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The Lady claims she was hesitant about going over the guys house for the phone because she was certain the guy wouldn’t let her leave without giving her body in exchange for the phone.

Watch the video below.