I miss the church experience of worshipping God – Joe Mettle

Popular Ghanaian gospel artiste Joe Mettle has revealed that he really missees that heavenly experience he used to gain when worshiping God in church.

It is obvious that many people have already missed the weekly church services that use to occur but due to measures set in place to reduce that spread of Coronavirus, it has been no more for about 2 months now.

Opening up on this issue, Joe mettle took to an interview with Nana Romeo  on Accra100.5FM to share what exactly he misses in this lock down period a bout going to church.

“I would have loved to sort of like be out there, have fellowship with brethren like is the norm, but whether or not they’ve shut down the churches, it still doesn’t prevent me from serving God; it still doesn’t prevent me from spending time with God because he lives in me and I can actually worship him everywhere I find myself. So, it hasn’t reduced, it’s the experience of gathering together with other believers to worship God, I miss it, I miss it.” Joe Mettle said

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The award-winning gospel singer also reminded Christians that: “God never promised us we will not go through trials and tribulations, rather the promise he made us is that no matter what we go through, He is with us. That’s the assurance we have that through all that is happening around us, God is with us. We’re going through tribulation; it doesn’t mean God has deserted us.”