"I mind my own business and don't think evil about others"- NSMQ mistress reveals why she looks young despite her age.

“I mind my own business and don’t think evil about others”- NSMQ mistress reveals why she looks young despite her age.

Professor Elsie A. B. Effah Kaufmann is well-liked in Ghana for more than only her role as the popular National Science and Maths Quiz quiz mistress.

Prof. Kaufmann has dazzled as a great host since she took over as quiz mistress in 2006, and many people have also been drawn to her by her attractiveness and charisma.

Prof. Kaufmann, who is 53 years old, also appears to be getting younger by the day, which has people asking how she maintains such a youthful appearance.

Prof. Kaufmann stated in a recent interview on the Delay Show that she does not take any further measures to look young but that the following have given her that youthful glow:

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“Excellent genes, grace of God, clear conscience, because I do not wish bad on anybody so when I go to bed, I sleep peacefully,” she told Delay.

When asked if she follows any particular diet, she replied;

“I don’t even like food. If I could eat once a year I will be very happy. “