“I loved what Counselor Lutterodt did to me”- Naomi Campbell (video)

Naomi Gold Campbell, a Ghanaian-Nigerian model, and actress made headlines after Counselor Lutterodt on live television played with her clit, eliciting mixed responses on social media.

Naomi Gold was literally fondled on the show by the notorious sex and marriage counselor during the late-night relationship show in the hopes of educating audiences about lovemaking.

Naomi Gold Campbell has said that she ‘loved’ what the controversial celebrity counselor did to her, despite the fact that she has denied being fingered by the controversial celebrity counselor.

Naomi Gold Campbell said she appreciated Counselor Lutterodt’s work, particularly when he was caressing her.

“I’m enjoying the show. I enjoyed the ‘act’ but not the one he was ‘touching’ my pant but I love it when he was caressing me. I didn’t cum.I wasn’t. I control myself when it comes to that. In this kind of industry, you can go and meet some people like say in a movie, I can do a ‘romance’ scene, I can kiss but it doesn’t mean I will get wet.I can control myself because I’m a woman and I’m not that kind of sex type but if you touched me like that am okay but if I don’t want it, I don’t want it. It wasn’t true that Counselor Lutterodt fingered me and I didn’t come” Naomi Gold Campbell said in an interview

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“My ears and my neck, that is where my feelings are. I just like to be real I don’t like to be fake. I prefer being honest. This is it. Accept me for who I am.” She disclosed.

watch the video below

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