I like men with Big cucumbers and can chop me very hard to shift my womb – Mona Gucci claims in new video (Watch)

Ghanaian radio and TV show host, Mona Gucci, has recently made headlines with her candid revelation about her desired type of partner and preferences in intimacy.

During a live radio discussion, Mona Gucci shared her unique criteria for a potential partner, shedding light on her personal desires and sparking conversations about relationships and individual preferences.

In an unexpected and unfiltered manner, she offered a rare glimpse into her personal life by disclosing the qualities she seeks in a partner.

Mona Gucci made it clear that her ideal man can make her feel like a “real woman” in the bedroom, emphasizing her preference for an intimate connection that goes beyond the conventional.

She left no room for ambiguity as she expressed her thoughts on her preferred bedroom experiences, revealing her attraction to the concept of rough sex, which includes elements like hair-pulling and choking during intimate encounters.

This openness challenges societal norms and adds a unique layer to discussions about intimate relationships. However, Mona Gucci’s frankness has generated a wide range of reactions from the public.

While some applaud her for fearlessly expressing her preferences, others raise concerns about the potential normalization of behaviors that may not be universally understood or accepted.

Watch her video below;


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