“I keep screenshots of the bad things people say about me”- Gyakie

Gyakie, a talented Ghanaian musician, has revealed that she has begun archiving screenshots of unpleasant remarks about her for future reference.

According to her, she chose to retain such comments due to the anger and antagonistic temperament of some individuals who continue to be critical of her efforts.

In an exclusive interview with Giovanni Caleb, the “Forever” singer explained that she took the screenshots not for future vengeance, but to analyse them, learn from them, and improve.

“I’ve seen a few.” Oh, I’ve got receipts. When I see someone saying something negative about me, I always keep them “.

“There’s this thing I’ve started doing. I capture a screenshot and save it. Because you know you’ll always have something to say in the future.”

“They inspire me to do more.” They inspire me to do better. Do you follow me? Because someone thinks you’re that way, there’s always something you can do to prove them wrong,” she explained.