“I have s#x with my wife 3 times a week”- Abeiku Santana

The importance of media figures in Ghana’s entertainment industry cannot be overstated. These television figures are the backbones of the industry’s major players.

When it comes to media personalities who play important roles in Ghana’s entertainment industry, Abeiku Santana must be included. The multi-award winning and well-known television and radio host has had a significant impact on the growth of our entertainment industry.

Abeiku Santana is Ghana’s most well-known television and radio celebrity. Ghanaians have taken note of his years of dedication and perseverance. Abeiku Santana is admired for his ability to connect with nearly all of Ghana’s major stars in the business. Despite the fact that he has been chastised for his chatty personality, many people regard him as a major entertainer.

Abeiku Santana made a major revelation about himself . He mentioned exactly how many nights a week he sleeps with his mom. He declared, “I give it to my wife at least three times a week.” In an effort to promote Duffy’s Ohemaa Feminine Wash, Abeiku Santana made this unlikely remark. Abeiku Santana claims that he loves his wife in bed because she uses the Duffy’s Ohemaa Feminine Wash formula.

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