“I have slept with more than 200 men.” lady reveals.

“I have slept with more than 200 men.” lady reveals.

Sarah Nyamekye, a single mother of three, has revealed that she had sexual relations with over 200 men during her three years as a sex worker.

Sarah stated on SVTV Africa that she desired an education but lacked the financial means. As a result, she decided to leave her home and stay with a friend in Accra. Sarah revealed that prostitution has been her sole source of income for the past three years.

“I charge GHS25 or GHS30 per client. That is what I make and can survive on. I wasn’t saving when I started because I thought I would get it the next day.”

DJ Nyaami, the host of Ghetto Life Story, inquired about the number of men she has dated in the last three years.

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Sarah replied, “I won’t remember.”

“Will they be more than 200?” Nyaami quizzed. Sarah answered, “200? More than 200.” 

Furthermore, Sarah stated that her firstborn frequently asks her where she goes at night,  

“but I tell him that I’m going to sell indomie. None of my family members knows that I’m a prostitute.

I regret getting myself into this job. I cry whenever I think about it, especially when my children ask. I wish I’d found someone to help. Me out of this situation,” she said while tears rained down her face.