I have only one boyfriend – Serwaa Amihere reveals in new video

I have only one boyfriend – Serwaa Amihere reveals in new video

Serwaa Amihere, a lovely journalist, has categorically said that she is faithful in her personal relationships and that she only has one partner, putting an end to rumors that she is actually masking her true source of income behind her work in the media.

Serwaa Amihere says that she is in a very serious relationship with a man who prefers to stay anonymous to avoid unwanted attention and criticism from the public.

When the controversial Bishop Ajagurajah put more pressure on Serwaa Amihere while she was interviewing the feared spiritual man, she had no choice but to say this for the first time on live TV.

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Serwaa Amihere didn’t hesitate when Bishop Ajagurjah asked her how many boyfriends she has.

The stunning news anchor, much like other female celebrities, has kept her personal life, including her romantic relationships, away from the public eye for reasons that are best known to her.

Not too long ago, it was whispered that she was having sexual relations with a high-ranking member of the NPP. She chose to ignore the allegations, despite the trolling and mockery that came from other users of the social media platform.

Watch the video below to find out more.