“I have no regrets doing surgery to increase my buttocks”- Moesha

We all have regrets over things we’ve done that we wish we hadn’t done, but Moesha believes she doesn’t have any.

Since she is so proud of all that has happened in her life, the Instagram model claims the term does not work in her life.

That includes her controversial interview with Christiane Amanpour, in which she revealed that she lives off the hands of the country’s powerful and wealthy men.

She is also proud of the tremendous upliftment she has received, despite the fact that Ghanaians have attacked her on many occasions as a result of it.

Moe claims that everything that has happened to her has shaped her into a stronger human.

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“I don’t have regrets at all, rather I will say they are lessons. The lessons I derived in whatever I went through has over time made me a better person, made me now conscious of the choices I make, what I do, what I say among others.

“As for regrets no, I have none. If I say that, it will be like I’m brooding over them but no, I learn my lessons and I move on.”

Moesha says the emergence of Covid-19 has shown her who her true friends are.

“With COVID-19 and its attendant restrictions, I had nowhere to go so I took it upon myself to check my health and I realized I needed a lot of rest, I needed to take time and take good care of myself. Apart from that, I saw who my friends really were, the numbers reduced to a smaller circle and I loved it, so peaceful.”

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