I have never done an abôrtîôn in my life before– Piesie Esther

– Abortion is viewed as a taboo in Ghanaian society

– Yvonne Nelson’s revelation about her abortion sparks controversy
– Gospel Musician Piesie Esther denies ever having an abortion
– Discussion on the topic becomes heated

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Abortion is a topic that sparks intense debates in Ghanaian society. It is considered taboo, frowned upon by religious groups, and seen as an abominable act. Recently, the issue has gained even more attention after popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson revealed in her book “I am Not Yvonne Nelson” that she had an abortion back in 2010 when she found out she was pregnant with Rapper Sarkodie’s child. This revelation has ignited heated arguments among Ghanaians and has drawn the attention of other celebrities as well.

One of the notable figures who joined the discussion is Gospel Musician Piesie Esther. During a live interview, she boldly stated that she has never committed an abortion in her entire life. Piesie Esther, who has gained fame for her soul-stirring music, shared that out of the four pregnancies she conceived, she gave birth to all of them without tampering with any. When asked directly if she had ever undergone an abortion, Piesie Esther adamantly replied, “That has never happened in my life. I gave birth to the babies I got pregnant with. I now have four kids.”

The revelation by Yvonne Nelson and the denial by Piesie Esther has fueled the ongoing debate surrounding abortion in Ghana. Many Ghanaians have strong opinions on the matter, with some arguing that abortion is a personal choice that should be respected, while others firmly believe that it goes against religious and moral principles.

In a society where religious beliefs hold significant influence, it is not surprising that the topic of abortion evokes such passionate reactions. The clash between personal autonomy and traditional values is evident in the discussions taking place across various media platforms. Ghanaians are grappling with questions about individual rights, the sanctity of life, and the role of religion in shaping societal norms.

As the debate surrounding abortion continues to unfold, it is crucial to approach the topic with empathy and understanding. It is essential to recognize that individuals have different perspectives shaped by their personal experiences, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. Engaging in respectful dialogue can help foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding this controversial issue.

In conclusion, the revelation by Yvonne Nelson and the response from Piesie Esther has brought the topic of abortion to the forefront of public discourse in Ghana. It has ignited passionate debates and highlighted the clash between personal choices and societal expectations. As Ghanaians grapple with this complex issue, it is essential to listen to diverse perspectives and engage in respectful conversations that promote empathy and understanding.


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