“I have been living in the forest for 40 years, I don’t have transportation money to go back to my hometown”- man shares sad story

Life can sometimes be challenging, particularly if you try hard for yourself and your family to live decently, but things do not appear to work out and you continue to fight. Each man’s dream is to work hard to gain money and have a better life. Every man is looking for a suitable job. You can do a lot of excellent things in life if you have money.

You may rent or build a home if you have money, and even get the best physician when you are sick if you are sick. as a man. But without money, it is fairly difficult to achieve these fundamental needs, which make life happier and more pleasant.

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Mr. Mumuni, who has lived in the bush for over 40 years, said he couldn’t get transportation money to return home. Mr. Mumuni is from Wa, but he traveled to Kumasi to find work to be able to provide for his family. According to him, when he first came to Kumasi, he started to work on several farmhouses, but he couldn’t get a living at the time, and it became difficult for him.

When it got difficult for him to raise money, Mr. Mumuni recounted, things were so difficult that he could not get the money he needed to get back to his home family, so he chose to stay in the jungle and construct a life there as he had long done. He lived in the wilderness for so long that his children are now grownups with their own descendants.

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He says that he does not fear being in the forest alone, since anything or someone who attempts to hurt him will change their minds once they come close to where he lives deep in the jungle.

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