“I Have Been Humbled By This Pandemic Coronavirus” – Tiwa Savage Reveals

Popular Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has opened to what this pandemic coronavirus has brought to her.

according to Tiwa Savage, the pandemic coronavirus has humbled her because she had plans to launch her album, do a lot of shows but all have been canceled and postponed.

she said;

“This is a really weird time for everyone. Whether you are rich or famous; it affects everyone. It can be a little scary actually because one doesn’t know what would happen next. One doesn’t know what tomorrow brings. The coronavirus pandemic has humbled me because I had my album ready to be released. I had a lot of shows, festivals, and tours lined up. All of that had to be canceled and some postponed. We don’t know’’ when this will stop. This is despite all the plans one has already made. It definitely humbled all of us.”

“When this is over, I hope it teaches us to value the small things in life. I hope it teaches us to value spending time with family and saving; it is important to save. When we get back to our normal lives, I hope we don’t go back to what we were doing before. I hope this teaches us to value family, our mental state, and being close to God. It’s only God that can take us out of this.”

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