I have been faithful ever since my husband stopped touching me for 23-years now – Woman claims

A single mother has shared her life challenges and how she has remained faithful for the past 23 years and counting.

Her husband stopped caressing her and even allowed her to have a lover or remarry if she so desired, but she opted to honor her marital vows and remain faithful.

Her spouse stopped caressing her and was no longer attracted to her as a woman immediately after she gave birth.

He even offered her permission to date other men, but she insists that he is the only guy she has ever loved and has learned to accept her difficult place in society as a single mother.

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Peninah Kyalo has kept herself pure for the past 23 years and is proud of it.

Her husband informed her that he is no longer attracted to her and has resorted to using other women to fulfill himself.

She claims her husband sleeps with several people and occasionally comes home with a slew of girlfriends, but he has refused to touch her for the past 23 years.

She stated that she and her spouse are on excellent terms; they share a bed, but he does not touch her.

When she became tired of the long wait and confronted him, he told the mother of one that, while she was a lovely lady, he no longer felt romantic feelings for her.

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She claims she has no one to confide in or talk to about her grief, thus she must continue to live with her husband because they have a kid together.

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