I have all the evidence – Twene Jonas drops another secret to Ghanaians in a new video

Twene Jonas is still trending on social media, and this morning he dropped another bombshell on Ghanaians by hinting at his banter with some of the country’s citizens.

Twene Jonas stated that he has all the facts in his control and that Ghanaians should be very cautious about the orders they are receiving from above.

“I have the evidence of how soldiers were molesting their fellow human beings in Ghana as a result of the order they receive from above. Don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to any order that will instruct you to kill someone. What listens to what the IGP will say, what listen to what any leader will tell you. I have evidence about how you kill the people in Ejura. Don’t listen to them and do such a thing again else you will hear from me”. – Twene Jonas stated.

Twene Jonas bemoans the fact that troops will follow orders from on high to slaughter innocent people. We asked them if they would have shot those people if they were their brothers, mother, or father.

He advises Ghanaian police officers and military personnel not to follow any wrong orders from above.

He encourages people to exhibit sympathy for others and to refrain from acting in ways that are not required of them as a consequence of erroneous orders from higher authority.

He warns them not to try such an act again since the prior one has now laid a formable proof of which he possesses, and he (Twene Jonas) would act on it if the second attempt takes place.

watch his video below;

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