“I have accepted your proposal” : Lady makes a shocking U-turn after the guy she rejected relocated to Canada

In a surprising turn of events, a lady has accepted a marriage proposal from a man she had previously rejected. The twist in this tale is that the man had recently relocated to Canada before the lady reached out to him for reconciliation through Whatsapp.

Leaked conversations from their chat have made their way onto TikTok, posted by an account named Electron. As these private messages unveil, the man initially claimed to not recognize the lady when she contacted him.

The chats further reveal that the man had proposed to her in the past, but she had not given him a positive response. The lady had kept him waiting for an extended period and even ignored his interest in pursuing a relationship.

However, after learning about his relocation to Canada, she swiftly reached out to him, expressing her changed feelings. She pleaded with him to not leave her behind while he embarked on his new journey in Canada.

The lady professed her undying love for him and expressed her desire to be with him. The leaked Whatsapp conversation has garnered attention due to the unexpected turn of events and the emotional plea made by the lady.

Below is the chat;

You're the king of my life": Lady accepts proposal from man she earlier  rejected after he relocated to Canada - GhPage


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