“I had s3x with my own son”- Lady reveals in an interview (watch video)

A Ghanaian woman who may or may not be a s3x addict admitted to inconceivable conduct. Her confession was made public in an interview she granted.

She admitted to having s3x with her own son, and she was surprised to discover that the son she mistook for a child had a large penis, which satisfied her desire.

During an interview on the Vibes in 5 show, hosted by Arnold Elavanyo, the woman explained, in a recorded video excerpt from the interview, that she had posted on WhatsApp status her desire to return to one of her ex-boyfriends to satisfy her s3xual desire. According to the woman, the son found this to be embarrassing.

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In the interview, the woman said that her child had agreed to be used instead of her vibrator so that her mother wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed.

“Recently, I had s3x with my own son, and he was able to satisfy me. “I enjoyed it very much, but he is my son, so I can’t continue doing that with him,” the lady said.

Check out the video down below…..