I got D7 in Maths but am studying Law in the USA – Young Ghanaian Man says (Video)

It is standard practice in Ghana for certain students to be denied access to a particular course because they do not meet the prerequisites or their grades do not enable them to study those courses.

A young Ghanaian man studying in the United States has stated that he is studying Law despite receiving a D7 in Mathematics.

According to him, the scores he had after his WASSCE in Ghana would not have qualified him to study Law in Ghana, but he is studying Law in the United States and doing extremely well.

The young man who posted a video on TikTok stated that it was possible to acquire admission to any US university with bad grades and that people should not be afraid or listen to those who suggest that having low grades will not win you entrance.

Using himself as an example, he stated that he never had an A in his WASSCE but is now studying to become a lawyer, an opportunity he would not have had in Ghana.

“I had a D7 in my Core Math WASSCE, as well as Cs and Bs; I didn’t get an A, but I am a law student in the United States,” he explained.

He also disclosed that people who participate in athletics have a higher chance of being admitted to institutions, not just academic institutions.

Watch the video below;

Effah Gideon

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