“I Don’t Wear “Bend Down Boutique”, I Only Wear Store Products”– Joyce Boakye (Video)

Joyce Boakye, a Kumawood actress, has given her followers some dressing etiquette advice while making some outrageous claims about his outfits.

The actress has stated that she does not wear slightly used clothing, also known as ‘fose’ or ‘bend down boutique’ in Ghana.

She made the contentious claims during an interview on Zion Felix’s ‘Uncut show’ with Ghanaian celebrity blogger Zion Felix.

The actress claimed that if she ever worn fose, it was probably from her mother when she was a child. Aside from that, she said she mostly wears clothes designed by her sister, who is a fashion designer.

Joyce Boakye, on the other hand, says she does not buy or wear fake top brands like Gucci, Luis Vuitton, and others.

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The actress also revealed that she has loved ones in other countries who always buy her clothes so she doesn’t have to spend a dime. She claims, however, that she has measures and techniques for determining whether the clothes she is given are genuine or counterfeit.

Check out the video below: