'I don’t want my parents to see my leaked s3x tape' -  lady in James Brown's leaked tape cries,

‘I don’t want my parents to see my leaked s3x tape’ –  lady in James Brown’s leaked tape cries,

A young woman who claims she was the one who had a sexual encounter with crossdresser James Brown has asked people to stop posting the video online.

She was seen sobbing and claiming that accidentally leaking the tape was a blunder.

Drenched in tears, the lay begged social media users not to repost because she did not want her parents to find out what she had done.

She claimed she had no idea how the obscene video ended up on the internet. She also stated that she has been crying since the video went viral on the internet and that she is exhausted.

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This comes after James Brown expressed his sadness and shock about the video.

Unfortunately for the attractive woman, internet users chastised her for “seeking clout” and claimed that no one would recognize the woman in the video.