“i don’t kiss A$$” – Speed Darlington gives the reason why he is not on Beyonce’s album

popular Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has given out the reason why he is not on Beyonce’s album which features popular Nigerian artistes.

according to Speed Darlington, he comes from a pride tribe and he does not “kiss a$$” that is why he is not on the album.

Speed Darlington said;

“I don’t kiss ass. I come from a pride tribe. We all know who mopped the floor with their body.

“We the only people that want to break up others do but they can’t even speak of it because they know reality is a whole different thing. My group, we believe in our self that’s why we speak of it because we believe in what we can make for ourselves. If People’s Action Party does not win we break up.”

he then added;

“2 years ago I said that Mmba -5 person needs to be governor of Imo state without even being home and guess what? Mmba-5 person is NOW the governor. I am the next president of Nigeria you will see. Movies are already made of me and I’m not even home. I don’t beg if you want me you hit me.”

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