“I don’t have anything in the USA”- Twene Jonas finally exposed in live video after been harrassed by Ghanaian man in USA

Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian social media influencer, has been uncovered and proved he has no US assets.

The Vlogger has been bragging about making millions of dollars since moving to America a few years ago.

He recently displayed two expensive Lamborghinis, claiming he had just purchased them for nearly a million dollars.

Well, Chris Dollar, a Ghanaian living in the US, accosted him and inquired about his Lamborghini and Porsche.

On more prodding, Twene Jonas finally conceded that he had nothing to do with the cars and was only bragging for social media likes.

See the video:

He said if he told the truth, people would not want to listen to him or follow him online.

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Chris Dollar then pointed to Twene Jonas his workplace and told him he had been there for 20 years.

He then told Jonas to quit bragging and acting like he had it all figured out since it was putting undue pressure on the Ghanaian young.

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