“I divorced my wife after honeymoon Because She Looks after the wedding” – Husband cries

Make-up has done more harm than good to some women, and they have yet to learn their lesson. Making up is fine, but what causes problems is when you make such a big deal out of it that your man can’t even recognize you.

It is clear that the man has never met his wife without makeup because if he had, the entire problem would not have occurred.

The man stated that after their marriage, they began their honeymoon, and he has often wondered why she bathes so early in the morning.

He was moved to ask the woman, “Why can’t you even allow us to bathe together?” At the top of the list so that we can share our feelings.

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That’s when I started smelling something fishy, and the next morning I awoke before her and pretended to sleep.

So she awoke as usual to bathe, and I remained silent, so that after her bathing before she could return to put on her make-up, I was already sitting on the bed, rather than sleeping.

This is her true face, and it makes me think she’s a really ugly girl. So she was shocked, and I had to look at her face, and I saw her true face. That’s when I realized what kind of woman I married.

As a result, I asked her to leave my house. I can’t leave with a phony in my home. She’s a monster. Why can’t she present herself exactly as she is?

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Should I go to her family and demand that they refund me everything I spent on that marriage?